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Our industry of Nuclear Medicine has faced some challenges in past years. While traveling to facilities all over the South East we've found that most places are having the same issues. Reimbursements keep getting less and less and cost of running your practice is increasing. It makes your equipment become that much more valuable. The fact that it needs to remain functioning properly, putting patients through it, and generating revenue for your practice. Practices can't afford to have their cameras down. especially the smaller practices with only one nuclear camera.

Most of the companies out there promise the same thing We can save you 20% off the OEM, same day service, etc. none of that is that outstanding any more. Most places do most things the same, in any industry the difference is in the details. So, while a lot of companies are trying to offer you a one-size-fits-all solution, giving you the same service solution as a practice half your size, or twice your size, InterMed focuses on the details. We customize a service agreement for each of our customers that will fit your specific needs, so that you can run your practice as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to make it to where you you don't have to think about your equipment. You know that it's going to work properly, you know that you have a valuable partner who will be there to keep it up and running to put patients through and maximize the revenue of your practice, and let you focus on what you're supposed to do which is patient care.


Our Service Agreements range from full service coverage to preventative maintenance agreements.  We also offer Consulting Services; Camera installations, planning, relocating and networking; on-site repairs, and hard drive cloning.


We sell new, pre-owned, and reconditioned Nuclear Medicical Equipment, with more extensive warranties than our competitors, to give you significant savings.  Our Nuclear Isotope license allows us to test and calibrate our machines, before sales, to ensure you receive the best equipment.  Our inventory of systems is vast and ranges from popular new systems to hard-to-find parts or items.  Our discounted inventory, volume discounts, and trade-in offers means you get the highest quality for the lowest price.


Our warehouse, covering more than 20,000 square-feet, ensures that we'll have what you’re looking for in stock. Our testing facilities verifies that all our equipment is in working order to help eliminate any DOA’s. From collimators to work stations to printers, we have the Parts you are looking for.


Our internal training program, housed in a 2200 square-foot facility, prepares you with hands-on Training Courses.  If you can’t make it to InterMed, we’ll bring the training to you with our affordable Travel Packages.


Our Qualified Team continuously strives to stay up-to-date on the latest information and the newest technology; our team is constantly continuing their education to stay on top of the field. We take the time to pay attention to the details to make sure you receive the highest quality work and commitment.

What sets InterMed Apart?

One of the main things that sets InterMed apart is that we do everything with our own engineers. We have the capabilities and the staff to facilitate anything that you could need with nuclear medicine. For instance, if a customer has three different kinds of camera in five different offices, and they want to relocate the cameras, make the cameras communicate with each other, or if they want to upgrade or purchase a new camera, we can do all of that. We have the infrastructure in place to offer our services to them from day one, and keep their camera going for as long as possible, even long after it's no longer supported by the manufacturer. We're available around the clock. Our focus is the South East United States, but we go everywhere. We actually do service all over the world, and we've been doing it for a long time.

We keep our customers, the folks that have been doing business with InterMed have been doing it for a very long time. We keep putting time and effort into sustaining those relationships.

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